Who we are?


Nutrifrance was founded on November 8, 1991. The founders’ goals were simple: to have fun working, choose the position suited to the talents of each one and finally, to design a food product such as was manufactured before the food industry was invaded by chemicals and substitutes.

The family business specializes in the manufacture of frozen bakery products of exceptional quality, without compromising taste and without the addition of preservatives, dyes or sulphites.

Plateau de biscuits

These batters are intended for the preparation of muffins, cakes, cookies, nutritious bars and others. For the past few years, baked and wrapped products are also offered. Still at the forefront of new trends in food, Nutrifrance stands out from the competition by offering nutritious and tasty products.

The factory has about 20 employees and can make up to 13,500 kg of muffin batter and 2,000 kg of cookie dough and simultaneously bake 10,000 nutritious bars per day. For the past 26 years, Nutrifrance has offered a wide range of flavourful products. It is up to you to discover them!


Our mission

Since the company was founded in 1991, Nutrifrance has dedicated itself to preparing top-quality muffin, cake and cookie dough and batter without compromising on taste or using any chemical additives. Our business mission focuses on the following three major areas:

  • R & D (Research and development): evolve with innovation and creativity while being bold and competent.
  • Staying on the cutting edge: keeping up to date on new eating habits and functional ingredients all over the world, visiting various countries.
  • Being proactive and visionary: the wealth of a business, such as ours, is what we will develop and what will happen soon.

Several projects are already ready to start, but sometimes we have to slow down our passion in order to wait for the right moment.


Business personality of the year 2017 of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haut-Richelieu

« A grateful thank you to my spouse Michel and my children, Samuel and Amelie, for the trust and love they bring to me on a daily basis. They are the ones who make me the woman I am.

Thank you to all members of my team for their implications and commitments. Without them, this success would not be possible.

I also thank all our customers for their trust and loyalty, year after year. »

Chantal Vaillancourt, President of Nutrifrance


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