bakery products

Nutritious bars, Bites & Oatmeal cookie

Nutritious bars and oatmeal cookie made with simple and functionnal ingredients. These oven baked products remind you of homemade snacks. Bars and oatmeal cookies are a good source of fibers and energy.

Frozen bakery batters and products ready to use

We have created exceptional bakery batters and products made with high quality ingredients, without compromising on taste and easy to use. Offer a complete and diversified range of products to your customers, while saving time and money.

About Nutrifrance

Nutrifrance specializes in the manufacture of frozen batters of exceptional quality, without compromising taste and without the addition of preservatives, dyes or sulphites. These batters are intended for the preparation of muffins, cakes, biscuits, nutritional bars and many others. And in recent years, baked and wrapped products are also offered.

Its products are found on supermarket shelves, in restaurants, in hotels, in schools and in health center. Nutrifrance’s clientele is mainly located in Quebec, Ontario and also in the United States.

In food business since 1991

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