Nutritious bars and oatmeal cookie made with simple and functionnal ingredients. These oven baked products remind you of homemade snacks. Bars and oatmeal cookie are a good source of fibers and energy.

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Barres nutritives non-cuites Omax Date & Almond (1641)

Nutritious unbaked Bars

    Cranberry & Lemon (1621) Chocolate & Hazelnut (1631) Date & Almond (1641)
1650 galette OMAX avoine et quinoa Oat Oatmeal Cookie - Ind. (1650)

Nutritious baked & wrappedBars & cookie

    Cranberry & Lemon bar - Bag (1624) Chocolate & Hazelnut bar - Bag (1634) Cranberry & Lemon bar - Ind. (1622) Chocolate & Hazelnut bar - Ind. (1632) Oat Oatmeal Cookie - Ind. (1650)
Icône chef

Chef's tip

Place parchment paper (baking paper) on a pan. Space the frozen bars at 2,5 cm invervals. For a glossy finish, cover in maple syrup or honey when removed from oven. You can also garnish with chocolate. Leave on pan for 20 minutes to cool.